Dave Fano

Dave is the product of a chiropractic family so health and fitness is baked into his DNA. Growing up as a multi-sport athlete (wrestling, track, & soccer) was the foundation to shaping and developing his love for fitness. After high school Dave went to college at the University of Tampa, majoring in criminology. Although Dave had an amazing time in Florida, he’s a Jersey boy at heart, moving back to the garden state after college.

Dave believes that through adherence and consistency anyone can achieve their desired fitness goals. He has a “lead by example” mentality- whether it’s lifting, swimming, biking, or going for a leisure run he’s always down to break a sweat. If you see him running around town, say hello! He loves seeing his fellow Sculpters around.

319 Washington Street
2nd Floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030
6:00am – 9:30pm

Saturday & Sunday:
9:00am – 2:00pm